What Are The Best Brands Of Guitar Amplifiers?

Searching for the best guitar amplifiers, well it’s not that difficult to find well known names with top quality and features that keep them on top. These brands are some of the choices that musicians would generally use at any time and place, as well as the professionals relying on them on stage during a concert or in their recording studio.

Each brand is different and more unique to put them all in the same categories, as they all have a name for themselves and are known for what it is they do best.

Going through this article you will find a list of some of the “best” brands of guitar amplifiers and what they are generally known for having “the best” for.


Staring off the list with Orange Amplifiers which not many would consider, they are a British company with over 50 years of history, going back to the early years of hard rock most bands at that time would use Orange. Want to Buy Guitar Amplifiers in UAE believe me you are at right place.

Looking for the classic Orange vibe and feel, the Crush Series is best to fulfill those needs with their highly affordable solid-state amp perfect for guitarists.

For a more portable and on-the-go kind of amp that can provide big sound, the right option would be the Tiny Terror and Dual Dark which goes perfecting for metal making everything sound amazing. As for heads and combos that have a great tone to them going for the OR, TH and TV Series would be perfect for that. Also let’s not forget about the Micro Crush amps, which are highly portable mini amps making it much easier to jam on your guitar on the go.

All of their amps are very impressive and are worth a shot to look out for.


A Californian based company in America, Mesa/Boogie has been around since the 1970s, known for their high-end tube amps that can pack a punch and capable achieving aggressive and heavy sounds but still keeping its tone and nuance.

With a variety of flexible amps that can cover multiple genres, being The Mark V series that goes into blues, rock and metal. The Lone Star series is kind of similar with its genres for blues, rock and country players as well, with its deep tonal palette. Also we can’t forget about the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five, being a portable amp with low-wattage and the outcome sound being awesome to listen too.


Being the only brand on this list that has been around for the least amount of time, beginning around almost a decade ago and already being named as one of the best brands for amplifiers is a big accomplishment for them. Also having an impressive amount of professional musicians who rely solely on Blackstar for backline, with their list constantly growing with more artists.

Moving on to which series would be the right one for you depending on their features, well the HT Metal and Venue series has both caught the attention of metal and hard rock enthusiasts, that is even cluding the lower wattage HT models.

As for amps that can be more flexible, the ID series would be the right choice with amps ranging from 15-watt combo as well as 100-watt head and cabinet.

Showing their wide variety of amps that can be chosen from, there is no stopping Blackstar from growing in the near future and have already left their staple on the market behind.