UTorrent Search Engine Movies


UTorrent is a proprietary torrent downloading an app which was developed by LudvigStrigeus in 2005.  But later in a move of buying out its competitor BitTorrent bought it off on December 7, 2006. It has since owned its code and instead of diluting it and moving its users to BitTorrent. The company has kept it running in a positive manner.

 UTorrent search movies engine currently has 100 million users worldwide. Those are befitting for the company. It is running monopoly over the world by keeping both the BitTorrent and uTorrent up and running together. One of the main reasons for the success of uTorrent is that it keeps on enhancing its user interface which oozes positivity. A class by the owning party which results in more interest by the customers.  Due to this reason, uTorrent most globally use torrent in the world outside of China where the main runner is Xunlei.

The symbol which represents micro in daily life is used in the name to describe the small memory footprint. And the way the developers develop it.  The main idea behind the design was to offer same functionality as larger Bittorent clients with the minimal use of computer resources. The program has been on the receiving end of positive reviews from its users due to its performance and support for older versions of windows.

UTorrent has been in active development since its release in 2005. It has kept on adding more and better features with the passage of time.

The current features that have made uTorrent a hit worldwide include:

  • Support of magnet links was introduced in August 2008 in the version 1.8 of the current uTorrent app.
  • A new paid version of uTorrent was made available in July 2015. It includes features such as built in media player, anti-virus, and integrated file conversion.
  • UTorrent search movies has introduced the search bar in 2010 which at first was not welcomed with any happiness.  The search bar made default search engine. The home page changes without the consent of the user some people reported this.  UTorrent then, introduced an integrated uTorrent movies search bar for searching a movie.  Torrents directly from within the app and integrated with search engine Bing for this partnership of accolades and introduced the Bing search toolbar in 2011.
  • The search bar became an instant success as soon as the earlier reports of problems were taken care of. It was a masterstroke, and the collaboration with Bing made it a torrent downloading an app with a proper search engine as well.
  • The crowd also took the introduction of this feature as a plus. The number of users increased every minute.  Nowadays a 100 million users on the planet and they are among the best in the business.
  • UTorrent has introduced advertising in the free version of uTorrent in 2012. A user created tool named Pimp my uTorrent was made to clean up the advertising easily, and this made the procedure of cleaning it easier.