What are the reasons PICTOWORD answers makes a great game to exercise your brain

If you are familiar with PICS games, then you should know that they are the perfect way to get the knowledge about anything. Like its predecessors, it is a game that will certainly test your guessing skills and open your mind at the same time. Every word puzzle game has its uniqueness to offer where this one surpasses all of them when it comes to seeking the pictures in so many set pieces. It is a brand new game with unscrambling words described in images. It will keep busy for a while where every minute you will be using your brain to collect the right letters.


You will get to see so many different logos, country signs, and so many things which you have to guess piece by piece and when you make a right letter, you will satisfy how much addictive this game is and slowly you will master it in no time.

Having stated that below we have listed some of the real facts about what are the reasons Pictoword answers makes a great game to exercise your brain to make you how many levels it offers, what about the controls, who has built this awesome game, on which platforms it is available to download for free, when you need to use cheats to explain each level, and why it is worth playing.

  • What about levels it offers?

The games offer 20 levels at the moment, but there are more on their way pretty soon. Every level is so tricky that you have to go beyond your limits to think apparently.

  • What about the controls?

The controls are simple to play you will see two word per image and 20 words in each ‘PICS all levels’’ you have to dig down deep to come up with exact name. It certainly shows that it can be played by any age of person that wants to exercise his brain on daily basis.

  • Who has built this awesome game?

The game made by the famous developer Emilia LAPINA who created the critically acclaimed 580 words game and much more.

  • On which platforms it is available to download for free?

This game can found on Android, I-Phone, IPod touch, and I-Pad devices. You can download for free from their separate stores and enjoy it.

  • When you need to use cheats to explain each level?

If you ever get stuck or miss anything from the previous level, then you can use PICTOWORD answers so won’t need to waste any more time and unlock new levels quickly.

  • Why is it worth playing?

For many of you who don’t know that 600 PICS answers are available in so many different languages and the whole family can enjoy it and have fun together. Your brain will be at its peak, and there are more than 15 million players of this trivia app worldwide you can share and ask for help.